Greek Hard Boiled Eggs Easter Style

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 5 mins

You know when you have all those leftover easter eggs? I learned how to eat them this way from my family and was told it is Greek (as I am told most things are LOL!). So, here you go, it is simple, yet good :)

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Peel your leftover Easter egg (or just regular hard boiled egg).
  2. Slice the eggs into pieces widthwise.
  3. juice lemon half or just put lemon juice over egg slices.
  4. drizzle olive oil.
  5. sprinkle salt and pepper.
  6. enjoy!


Most Helpful

The Greeks really nailed down everything perfectly! LOL!! These were, of coarse, different but GOOD different. A bit of "dressing" on boiled was like the best part of a salad! :) Thanks so much for posting!

mydesigirl April 08, 2009

These are certainly different. They won't be to everybody's taste, but they're nice for a change of pace. Good as part of a salad plate. Thanks for posting!

Chocolatl March 29, 2012

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