Grandma's 5 Cup Salad

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

From the mid 1950's, an easy and fast child pleaser, with a few variables to move the taste point around. Always a favourite for Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, etc.!

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  1. Very simple.
  2. Assemble, mix thoroughly.
  3. Cover and refrigerate an hour or more, and serve.
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I doubled this recipe except for the yogurt and loved it. I did use yogurt over sour cream because I am watching my weight, but I did use vanilla flavoured yogurt which suited this recipe very well.

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My MIL makes this except she calls it "Ambrosia" either way I love this salad and it is a regular on our Easter dinner table. Thanks for sharing a great "old fashioned" recipe! :)

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this is my recipe (can't remember where i got the recipe, think just word of mouth and now i am grandma! used to take this to so many "bring-your-own-dish" gatherings. but back then it wasn't just the kids who loved it, we all did. makes me smile to see it on the internet.