French Fry Sauce

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2 mins
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Absolutely THE best version of the recipe out there! The secret ingredient is vinegar, it smooths out the bumps and adds a little "zing". Whatever you do, do NOT substitute miracle whip for mayo, even if you hate mayo, because it will not taste the same. This is good on burgers, chicken nuggets, hash browns, french fries, pretty much anything you would put mayo & ketchup on.

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  1. Mix and you're done!
  2. I usually don't measure the ingredients. To make a big batch, I just add Mayo to the Ketchup bottle until it looks like the right color and tastes good, then add the vinegar until it is smooth and it tastes right. I always encourage people to play with your food!
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This is excellent. Thanks

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So simple and so good. Smarty pants! There is so much a grasshopper can learn for you.

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This is delicious on french fries. I could see this being very good on a burger as well.... next time.