Essiac blood cleansing tea

Total Time
10hrs 10mins
Prep 10 hrs
Cook 10 mins

This tea has been said to cure cancer.I can't speak for anybody but myself, and it worked for me.We could all use clean blood, couldn't we? I got this recipe from

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  1. You will need a stainless steel kettle (3 gallon), a stainless steel sieve, glass bottles.
  2. You will need to sterilize your bottles (approx. 7- qt. bottles).
  3. Mix dry ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Pour 2 gal.
  5. of water into pot.
  6. Bring to rolling boil with lid on.
  7. Stir dry ingredients into boiling water.
  8. Replace lid, cotinue boiling at reduced heat for 10 mins.
  9. Turn off stove.
  10. Scrape down sides of pot and stir mixture thoroughly.
  11. Replace lid, let pot sit and cool undisturbed for 10-12 hours (overnight).
  12. Reheat to steaming hot, but do not let it boil.
  13. Turn off heat, allow herbs to settle for a few mins.
  14. Pour hot liquid through sieve to catch sediment.
  15. Use funnel to fill sterilized bottles, put lids on.
  16. Allow bottles to cool, then tighten lids.
  17. Store in dark,cool place, and lways refrigerate an opened bottle.
  18. Take 2 tbls. tea with 2 tbls. hot water 1 to 3 times daily(1 just for mild cleansing, more if you are sick), always on an empty stomach -- I would take mine early in the morning and late at night
Most Helpful

Ok, so it's not the best tasting tea ever, but it's the results that give this recipe a 5 stars. This tea works very fast. I noticed a difference in just a few days.

Mimi Bobeck January 02, 2003

Sharon, Have you had about with cancer?? The tea is mildly bitter! The tea I had is Flor~essennce,Herbal life-giving tea. It`s $28.00 a box and makes 3 quarts. It can be given to children and pets as well as adults. It`s ingredients are certified organic burduck root,certified organic sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, Turkish rhubarb root, kelp, certified organic blessed thistle herb, certified organic red clover blossom, It also contains NO caffeine,Preservatives or colorants. It`s a great cleansing tea. A good way to start off the NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita~ January 03, 2003

A friend suggested this to me to help with my anemia. So far so good. I take it twice a day, with honey and lemon. It's good to know exactly what's in it, because you put it in there.

LilPinkieJ May 24, 2007