Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 8 mins

These are perfect for a snack or a side to a bowl of soup! I used to make them with a crusty Italian or French loaf .......... but now I use sour dough or multi grain.


  1. Cut each slice of bacon into 2 pieces and cook under broiler or George Foreman grill; pat on paper towel to remove fat.
  2. Spread butter or margarine on each slice of bread, add slices of cheese and top with 2 pieces of cooked bacon.
  3. Place cheese dreams on a baking sheet & place under the broiler until cheese melts (watch carefully), about 2 minutes.
Most Helpful

This is perfect for a casual, Saturday night supper. Any night actually...lunch...snack....hey why not breakfast. :) I used really thick 'slabs' of french bread. Grilled both sides before putting on the cheese and bacon, then slid it back in the toaster oven until the cheese melted. It went very well with Bobbie's Tomato & Feta Salad. Since this is the night we find out if we've made the Top 5, I wanted something easy and fast. This really fit the bill CountryLady. Honoured to make this as a "Thank You" for voting for Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia in the 2010 Kraft Hockeyville Competition.

Diana #2 March 27, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank you for the lovey photo of my Taco Stew. How very nice of you. To show my appreciation, I have made your Easy Cheese Dreams. Boy am I glad you did, these are wonderful!!! Thanks again for the lovely photo and for sharing this great recipe.

Merlot August 06, 2009

I have been doing this for years and love it. Try it on an English muffin and add a slice of tomato....yummmm yummmm! AmyMCGS, you have rated 349 recipes and only 191 agree with you...things that make you go "hmmmmmmm???"

Bubba-Q November 06, 2007