Drip Coffee Maker Cleaner

READY IN: 6mins
Recipe by Hadice

Use this recipe to clean your coffee maker. A clean machine makes better tasting coffee!

Top Review by A Painter

This works well, much better than just vinegar. Thanks for the post. For those with Hamilton BrewStations, this has a good chance of clogging your coffee maker. Make sure to mix the baking soda and water extra well! Also, if your Hamilton BrewStation does happen to get clogged, do what I did: 1) Dump out excess baking soda + water mixture. 2) Pour in 2 cups white vinegar. 3) Attach two large size Wendy's straws, end to end, to make one super long straw. Having big straws is critical! 4) Place straw in water reservoir of your BrewStation and aim for the place where the water is pulled into the water heater. 5) Blow down into this water inlet hole, occassionally sucking in the vinegar until it almost reaches your mouth, then blowing it back into the water inlet hole. 6) Repeat this until unclogged. I was worried, but the above method unclogged my BrewStation.


  1. Mix the two ingredients and pour into the water reserve of your coffee maker.
  2. Let drip through like a normal cycle minus the filter.
  3. Rinse pot and run 2-3 full pots of clean water through coffee maker.
  4. This will keep your coffee maker fresh and clean!
  5. Recommended use is once a week.

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