Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 5 mins

Use this recipe to clean your coffee maker. A clean machine makes better tasting coffee!


  1. Mix the two ingredients and pour into the water reserve of your coffee maker.
  2. Let drip through like a normal cycle minus the filter.
  3. Rinse pot and run 2-3 full pots of clean water through coffee maker.
  4. This will keep your coffee maker fresh and clean!
  5. Recommended use is once a week.
Most Helpful

Truthfully, this just made a mess in my coffeepot's water tank which I ran a gallon of fresh water through in order to clean it out. I finally had to spray it with my faucet sprayer. I won't try it again. 1/4 c soda does not dissolve well enough in 1 c of warm water.

atlantakc February 08, 2012

This worked great! It cleaned out a lot of gunk I didn't know was in there. It was actually really gross looking but after 3 pots of clean water ran through the coffee maker it was coming out clean and clear; it even cleaned the pot. Will have to do this more often! Reviewed for I Recommend Tag.

AZPARZYCH September 14, 2011

thanks for a quick and easy solution to a dirrrrrrty coffee pot!

Chef GreanEyes May 30, 2011