Cornstarch Glue

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Total Time
2 mins
5 mins

Yarn art from Family Fun magazine

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  1. Combine ingredients into a saucepan and stir until smooth.
  2. Heat over medium heat until thick and translucent.
  3. Allow it to cool to touch.
  4. Lay large cookie cutters on parchment paper.
  5. Have child take foot long pieces of yarn, placing it in the glue.
  6. Run yarn between thumb and forefinger to remove excess glue.
  7. Lay inside cookie cutter.
  8. Repeat until you have a thin layer of yarn inside the cutter.
  9. With clean hands, press yarn flat.
  10. Carefully remove cutter and let your design dry, about 24 hours.
  11. Use red, white and pink yarn in heart cutters, different shades of green for Christmas trees, pumpkin cutter and orange and a little brown for the stem, what ever you want.
Most Helpful

Also found this fun craft in the Family Fun magazine but this glue recipe is very tricky when put to the heat. Tried it a few times and even lowered the heat and it turns translucent after a few minutes, but is VERY THICK and gel like. Tried adding the hot water as directed to thin, but to no avail.....ANY SUGGESTIONS????

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Did with plain flour as we had no cornflour - but turned out great, very simple and easy. Beware of having stove up too hot, if it starts going solid then add LOTS of water and whisk until it thins out again.