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Prep 3 mins
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We frequently boil this during the cold and flu season. We use it more as a prevention than a cure, but it can help to keep germs down and lessens the possibility of making other family members sick. It also smells great so it isn't a problem to keep it brewing. I put zero cook time because it isn't a set time and is up to the person how long they want it to brew.

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  1. Put all ingredients to a large pot.
  2. Fill with water.
  3. Bring water to a boil and reduce to slow simmer.
  4. Refill pot as necessary with water and fresh ingredients.
  5. (I usually refill with water as needed and fresh ingredients once a day.) Notes: This can also be made and put into a tin can on heaters like your grandparents used to do or in a large tin can on a wood burning stove.
  6. All of these ingredients have healing properties that ("may"<—legal disclaimer) clean the air of viral and bacterial critters.
  7. It also"may" help to relieve some cough and sinus symptoms.
  8. Boiling plain water will help warm a room but adding the above ingredients can help clean the air.
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I've only made this the one time, so I can't attest as to its air-cleaning or sniffle/cough-relieving properties. But I will say it was incredibly easy to throw all the ingredients into a pot, and it made the house smell WONDERFUL!!! I think I'll be using this recipe a lot!

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This is just wonderful, pretty much used it like a aromatherapy for my room...there is a horrid flu bug going around at the moment. Love the smell, will be using any excuse to do this again. thank you so much

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This is amazing how it smells great. Thanks Swor :) Made for Alphabet chef tag game