Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Total Time
4 mins
0 mins

Cocoa and bananas?..................... and its all good!! what a great way to get some nutrition in your picky kids! On a diet?--nice snack or treat to satisfy that craving for chocolate. read the tip for a great summer treat!

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  1. stir cocoa and sugar together in a small bowl.
  2. add warm water and mix well.
  3. in a blender, place banana and cocoa mixture.
  4. cover blender and blend smooth.
  5. add frozen yogurt and milk.
  6. cover and blend until smooth.
  7. serve.
  8. idea for kids during summer months is to put in ice cube trays and wrap ice trays with plastic wrap stick round toothpicks or 1/2 popsicle sticks into center of each ice cube and freeze for a summer day treat.