Chili Sambal (Indonesian Hot Pepper Sauce)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

Also known as Sambal Oelek, this fiery sauce is used as an accompaniment for many dishes or as a sauce in a main dish. You'll find a lot of Indonesian recipes call for it, as well as some Thai dishes. The Thai version, though, as I've found with many Thai recipes, ends up using a few more ingredients, like lemongrass. The Indonesian version is nice and simple, though, and packs a bigger punch in my opinion, and the hotter the chilies you use, the better!


  1. Place the seeded chilies in a pot of boiling water, and cook for 7 or 8 minutes, then drain and run through a food processor, making sure not to make it too smooth (you don't want it too watery).
  2. Transfer the chili paste into a screw-top glass jar and stir in the salt. Screw on the lid and store in the refrigerator for later use. It should keep for several weeks.