Chicago Style Hot Dogs (Vienna Beef)

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 15 mins

I grew up in Chicago on these hot dogs, we had a little storefront on our corner that served these great (Red Hots) dogs. Now in California I had to have them so I finally found out where to purchase these Beef Dogs online at, along with the other ingredients I needed, and ordered all the stuff for that authentic taste of the windy city.

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  1. Heat vienna beef hot dog in water, steam, grill or microwave to 170 degrees Fahreneheit (better tasting steamed).
  2. Place the Hot Dog in a steamed poppyseed bun.
  3. Then pile on the toppings in the order listed in the ingredients; mustard, green relish, onion, tomatoes, pickle, bell peppers, celery salt.
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These are "honest to goodness" Chicago style Hot Dogs----------------------Definitely NEVER any ketchup!!! Good recipe

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So good. I used fresh jalapenos, cause that's all I had pepper-wise. I don't think I can have a plain hot dog ever again. Thank you!

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I had given up eating hot dogs until I had one of these babies. The sweet and savory is irresistible.