Charishma's MALTED AND YUMMY raisin bran snack

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

Thanks to our dear friend, Anu, whose malted corn flakes recipe has made it to my heart, the other day, when I was dying for an afternoon lunch-cum-brunch, and I had a naughty 6 yr old kid friend, Abi, with me, I hopped into my kitchen, took out the brand new Raisin bran box I'd bought a week back, and made this! This came out absolutely yummy and made a great snack. Every spoon was HEAVEN! Since this recipe is inspired by Anu's Weird But Yummy Malted Corn Flakes, I want to dedicate this recipe to HER:) Anu, please do the inauguration - try this before anyone else does, Please! I am dying for your review:)

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 cup Raisin Bran cereal
  • 34 cup milk, cold (I use Virtually Fat-free milk to make it guilt free!)
  • 6 teaspoons ovaltine (Use any instant malted milk powder you have on hand and love if you do not have Ovaltine)


  1. Mix the raisin bran and ovaltine well in a cereal bowl, such that the powder covers most of the bran.
  2. Add milk.
  3. Sit well.
  4. Grab a spoon, open your mouth wide, and eat immediately!


Most Helpful

Charishma, the malt powder changes the taste of the cereal to another level-thank you for an easy recipe that is creative and quick to make.

Blue Peacock January 20, 2007

This is a delighfuly new way to eat cereal, very yummy. Istead of raisin bran i used frosties and milo instead of ovaltin. Thank you Char.

lemoncurd July 14, 2005

chari - i love this yummy breakfast/snack! i just had it; it's half past 10 at night here in s'pore. i used Milo instead of Ovaltine (the same thing), with soy milk. It's chocolatey and very addicting. i had to sit on my hands to prevent myself from eating it before it get really soggy and mushy! thanks again!

WaterMelon December 16, 2003

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