Cardamom & Cacao Truffles

Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

I was looking for a low carb high fiber treat and came up with this one. Cardamom is originally from the east and used to flavour food and for medicinal purposes. It lends a very interesting and distinctive taste to foods. I like it and thought it would be a good addition to these truffles. I ground all my ingredients in my magic bullet and then processed the dough in my Kitchen Aid food processor. You can use either the dark or golden flax seeds in this recipe. This recipe can be doubled, but be aware they are rich, so you might want to make a single batch just to try them first. If you can't find organic then conventional will work just as well, though might not taste as good. You can also use ground carob or ground unsweetened chocolate in place of the cacao nibs if you don't have them.

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  1. Grind each of the seeds separately. Remove and add to a bowl and mix together.
  2. Grind up the cacao nibs fine. Take out 3 tablespoons This will be to coat the truffles when they are done.
  3. Add all the ingredients except the reserved ground cacao to the food processor and process for about a minute or two. Check the dough, if it sticks together and holds its shape after you roll it into a ball then its ready to roll into balls.
  4. Put the remaining 3 tablespoons of ground cacao onto a deep bowl and roll the truffles in it. Try not to touch them, just roll them round and round in the cacao. This will coat them nice and smooth.
  5. Chill and eat.
  6. Bon Appetit!