C,h,p,b&b Sandwich

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Loma Linda Market Cafe used to serve this in the eighties. The city of Loma Linda is a hub for Seventh Day Adventists. They are known for their healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Is this healthy? Maybe and maybe not. Beware! This is like eating dessert. All amounts are to taste. The bread may be toasted and served open faced.

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  1. Drizzle honey on both slices of bread.
  2. Spread peanut butter on one half and coconut on the other half.
  3. The banana goes in the middle!
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As I live near Loma inda I just had to try this. My family was giving me weird looks while I was making it but I did it anyways. It was really good especially since I do not really care for coconut. Thank you for sharing this unusual sandwich.

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Oh yum, this is really, really great! :) Who would have thought that honey, pb, banana and coconut go so well together?! Absolutely delightful, sweet and satisfying. Mmmm!
I used my own home-baked bread, which has smaller slices so I adjusted the amount of other ingredients accordingly. A real keeper, thanks for sharing your recipe here with us, Jayne!