Recipe by Rita1652

A Great punch for Halloween. Made with cranberry, apple, pineapple juice. The Rum is optional! But if you know me it's in there!

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  1. You will also need: 1 clean, new latex glove.
  2. The night before serving, pierce grapes with knife then stuff raisin in, as to make eyeball and then freeze.
  3. Fill the glove with water and you can tinted with red food coloring of fill with juice.
  4. Freeze the glove.
  5. The next day, combine the juices and orange slices in a punch bowl with a bunch of ice cubes.
  6. Place the grapes & frozen hand (Glove removed after the hand sat to softened a touch) and float it in the punch.
  7. Drink if you Dare!

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