Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

boil 8 hot dogs in a pan add equal parts beer and water laureys seasoning salt powdered mustard and hot sauce


  1. .boil beer and water add hot dogs and seasonings cook until done.
  2. use hot dogs of your choice i chose nathans.
Most Helpful

used guinness...since it was sitting it the fridge - turned out yummy.

ShortieNJ June 03, 2009

This adds a nice flavor kick to plain old boiled hot dogs! I used Heineken for the beer, because that's what I had on hand, but I think these would be much better with something along the lines of Budweiser or the like (the Heineken was kinda bitter, but I didn't allow that to detract from my rating, because it was definitely the beer's fault and not the dogs). The beer was the most prominent added flavor in the cooked dogs (in a good way), but there was definitely a nice hint of the hot sauce and mustard. The only thing I couldn't detect was the seasoning salt, so I probably wouldn't add that again (I would just be adding extra sodium to already-salty hot dogs, not worth it if no significant flavor is added). I bet these would be amazing if they were lightly grilled after boiling, just to add that smoky flavor to the mix. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 09

Muffin Goddess April 13, 2009