BBQ Corn, Chilli Cheese & Bacon

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

I think the title is fairly descriptive, adjust the amount of chilli flakes to taste but don't be too scared ;-). The cheese and wrapping of the bacon makes this difficult to prepare and serve in a 'neat' manner - it's best eaten using your fingers on an occasion when you're aren't worrying much about what others think.


  1. Place corn cob on a piece of foil large enough to wrap around it once or twice.
  2. Wrap piece or pieces of bacon around corn and top with shredded cheese, chilli flakes and wrap up tightly in foil.
  3. Cook over medium - hot BBQ grill plate for 15-20 minutes or so turning often.
Most Helpful

Wow, for such a simple recipe, this was soooo good! We loved the combination of flavors. I really liked having it cook on the grill as it was less clean up for me. I served this along with grilled ribs, pasta salad, rolls and pie for dessert. Made for the A/NZ recipe swap.

Dreamgoddess July 12, 2009

This had really good flavor, but all of my cheese stuck to the foil. This could be because I cooked the bacon a little before putting it in there. I also used southwest seasoning instead of chili flakes.

Everything Sweet September 01, 2008

My husband almost never comments on ingredients, just flavour. His words for this were -- Gosh, the bacon was sure a good idea. Also, I'm originally from Nebraska -- the Cornhusker State -- where eating corn with your fingers is compulsory.

Leggy Peggy June 22, 2007