Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

OMG! A southern surprise in a glass!


  1. Add vodka to a shaker half filled with crushed ice and shake a few times.
  2. Add remaining alcohol and swirl.
  3. Strain into cold/frozen martini glasses.
Most Helpful

4 5

Strong, like any good martini should be, and very delicious. I've never tried banana liqueur before and was pleasantly surprised. Definitely recommend rimming the glass with cinnamon sugar.

5 5

I made this with vanilla rum since I don't like vodka and added 3 ounces of milk to tone down the alcohol. A little different than the original recipe but delish! THanks for the idea!

5 5

This was my first recipe from this site and it didn't disappoint me! As the others say, the vodka is rather strong - but's a's 'posed to be strong. I rimmed my glass with cinnamon sugar. Yum-o. What would be ultra-groovy would be to rim it with some crushed graham cracker crumbs, but alas...I'm fresh out.