Adult Strawberry Pineapple Punch Cocktail

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Another yummy, refreshing summertime cocktail. The fresh fruit makes it to die for. Takes a little bit of time to "muddle" the fruit, but it's all worth it in the end.

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  1. Muddle (mash) fruit.
  2. Pour over ice with other ingredients.
  3. (To make simple syrup, dissolve one part sugar in one part boiling water; let cool).
  4. Shake vigorously.
  5. Garnish with fruit.
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We just loved this drink! I made double the recipe, to share with DH. He loved it TOO! I used fresh pineapple, as I had it on hand and subbed coconut rum for the same reason. Tropical and toothsome, all at the same time! I used our large caliber straws, to suck up all of the chunky, fruity goodness. I will most definitely be making this again! Thanks for sharing, PSU Lioness.

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Flipside...this is first you wonder "why the heck aren't I just sticking this in the blender" and then you try it just Perfect for a hot summer day. You really have to muddle the heck out of it, and I muddled it with the ice, and you still get a bunch of fruit pieces. Basically this is a half drink, half fruit cocktail. I drank, slurpped and chewed this, and will do so again and again!!! It was refreshing and fabulous! Thanks for posting!