A Maine Dish, Lemon Mousse Pie

READY IN: 35mins
Recipe by swartzakitty

this recipe is from sandra moses, co-owner of the harbor view restaurant in belfast, maine if you've never been to belfast, maine,"ya all come on up" a real nice town. i'm a cook that uses every thing in sight,so i use a number of bowls and wash dishes later.

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  1. seperate the eggs while cold. the yolks hold togeather better. bring both to room temperature sprinkle getatin over water and let set 5 minutes. small sauce pan. heat over medium hear til gelatin is dissolved, 3 or 4 minutes. stir often. cool. beat yoks and sugar til pale and thick. beat in gelatin, juice and peel. in a chilled bowl,beat egg whites.
  2. til stiff but not dry. fold gently into lemon mix. in another chilled bowl-or not-beat the cream unti stiff,fold gently into lemon mix.
  3. mound filling into pie shell and refridge not.
  4. less than 3 hours .it can set overnite too.
  5. mound carefully.

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