Wine Basted Pork Medallions

"This Recipe is Quick and Easy, It's a Great Base to Play with,You can Add Garlic or Onions or maybe a little fresh Rosemary, It is however Real Good the way it is, This Recipe was sent to me in a Weekly Newsletter I receive from Karen Newton who is an Accomplished Diabetic Author, I plan on Cooking more of her Recipes."
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  • Trim silver from Pork Tenderloin, Using the tip of your Knife. Slide it under the silver and cut away from yourself.
  • Cut Tenderloin into 1/2" Medallions.
  • Combine Flour and salt and coat Medallions.
  • Sauté Cut Up Mushrooms in the Olive Oil until Tender - Set aside.
  • Melt Butter over Med High Heat. Add Pork Medallions and Cook for about 1 to 1-1/2 Minutes on Each side until Golden brown - Set aside Pork with the Mushrooms.
  • De-glaze Pan with the Wine.
  • Add Chopped Fresh Thyme and bouillon and bring to a Boil over Med High Heat for about a Minute.
  • Add Pork and Mushrooms, Reduce the Heat and Simmer 2 Minutes or so until the Pork is Done and the Sauce is Thick.

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  1. Definately a 5 star flavourful company recipe. Rave reviews from all at the table! I had to use dried thyme, the thyme in the garden is not up yet, I will do this one again when the fresh is available.this was a delicious Sunday dinner served with red potatoes and carrot/celery side. Thanks for posting , I must say I am so happy to have found your recipes during the PAC fun game!! I will be looking at making more of yours all three recipes have been over the top excellant!! Thank-you!


<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"> <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"> Go figure I have been a full blown Diabetic for 4 1/2 years and I Control my diabetes 100% by the food that I eat. No Medications or insulin. I am in the process of writing a "Cook" Book on the topic, also in the book I explain in great detail why most Diabetics in this country are Brainwashed by Doctors and Dietitians into believing that they are eating a healthy diet when in fact the diet maybe healthy but absolutly Not diabetic friendly. Can you guess what my pet peeve is yet? I have helped people reduce their Insulin intake by 80% or completely through the foods they eat. Thats kinda my hobbie, The working title of my book is "The Diabetics Cookbook for Dummies" For obvious reasons I can not use that title, however you get the idea, The book is about 50 50 on education and recipes,In some cases I may use some of your recipes if they are truly diabetic friendly (low carb and low sugar) Suger Free doesn't mean that it is automatically Good for Diabetics. Just one example: according to the "American Diabetic Association" it's ok to include a Suger Free Blueberry Muffin in you daily diet even though it contains over 30 grams of Carbohydrates and 9 grams of Sugar. That is in NO WAY Diabetic Friendly. They want people to control their diabetes with Drugs or Insulin and not through the foods they eat. You Truly can eat like a King and still control your diabetes, Don't worry I cook everything so not all of the recipes that I post will be diabetic frendly, My Passion? Well I really enjoy cooking and helping other people.
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