Tim and Tracy's Chocolate Cake (Boiled)

Recipe by RonaNZ
READY IN: 1hr 10mins




  • If you don't have self raising flour, use plain flour with 1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder added to it.
  • Preheat the oven to 170C/340°F.
  • Butter a 20cm/8" cake tin. Line the base with baking paper.
  • Put the butter, sugar, water, cocoa and bicarb in a saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring constantly.
  • It goes a bit volcanic so once the mixture rises, be prepared to take it off the stove immediately. Set aside to cool.
  • Beat the eggs in a large bowl.
  • Sift in a bit of the flour and then mix in some of the chocolate. Continue until all the flour and chocolate are incorporated. If you do this a bit at a time, the flour will mix in easily without overmixing and making the cake tough.
  • Pour into the prepared cake tin and bake for 45 minutes.
  • Cool on a wire rack.
  • Ice with your favourite icing or leave un-iced.
  • To make a larger cake, use 3 eggs and scale everything else up by 50%. (BTW, this is a maths problem that I give to my kids!).
  • Edited to include icing: Kookaburra referred to the icing in my original recipe I posted on the Australia/New Zealand forum. Here it is. 375g icing sugar, 1.5 tablespoons cocoa, 185g butter, 1.5 tablespoons water (hot works best), 5 drops vanilla. Cream butter and half the icing sugar. Add hot water, the rest of the icing and cocoa sifted together and the vanilla. Beat until smooth.