Tiger Tiger Cocktail

"There's an ice cream flavour called Tiger Tiger (black licorice and orange swirl) and from my days as a bartender, here's the cocktail it inspired! I usually used Grand Marnier and Sambuca but also subsituted Triple Sec and Ouzo... If it's black sambuca, add a little extra grenadine and it turns a lavender colour! Fun to garnish with an orange wedge and a piece of black licorice."
Tiger Tiger Cocktail created by mersaydees
Ready In:
1 cocktail


  • 12 ounce Grand Marnier or 1/2 ounce another orange liqueur
  • 12 ounce ouzo or 1/2 ounce another black licorice liqueur
  • 5 ounces milk (usually 2%)
  • grenadine


  • Fill a short rocks glass or cocktail glass about half full of ice, then add the alcohol, then the milk (5 ounces is approximate as it depends how strong you like your drink and the size of your glass!).
  • Swirl with a little grenadine for added sweetness and to make it look pretty! Garnish away -- .

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  1. NorthwestGal
    This is a great cocktail, Cadillacgirl. I really enjoyed it. I quite like ouzo, and this cocktail is now at the top of my list. Made for ZWT #9 (Greece).
  2. mersaydees
    I cannot believe how much I can love a cocktail with 2% milk in it! This is so delicious with the licorice and orange flavors. Thanks, Cadillacgirl! Made for ZWT9 for team Gourmet Goddesses.
  3. mersaydees
    Tiger Tiger Cocktail Created by mersaydees
  4. janelmw
    Very good...want to try it with fat free milk next time.
  5. Boomette
    I used black sambuca, grenadine and didn't got the lavender color. That doesn't matter cause the taste is really good. I loved it. Thanks Cadillacgirl :) Made for the Count Dracula and His Hot Bites for ZWT7


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