The Realtor's Superb Alfredo Sauce

"This is my personal alfredo recipe that I've been tweaking for 20 years. It is the best alfredo I've ever tasted and it's restaurant quality all the way. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make something that tastes so good. It's NOT diet food but well worth the occasional indulgence! This recipe makes enough sauce for a 4 layer, 13x9 white lasagna (about 5 cups of sauce). If you're using no-boil lasagna noodles, add an extra half cup of milk and a half cup of cream. If you're using the sauce for something like shrimp or chicken alfredo and you're using a pound of pasta, cut this recipe in half."
The Realtor's Superb Alfredo Sauce created by Lavender Lynn
Ready In:
5 cups




  • Add all the ingredients EXCEPT the cheese to a heavy bottom sauce pan. Cook over medium heat until it’s smooth, very hot and steaming but DON’T boil it. Whisk (or stir) the sauce pretty much the whole time. It'll take about 8-10 minutes. Don't rush it or turn the heat up too high because you don't want to curdle the cream.
  • When everything is nice and smooth and hot, add the cheese and whisk until the sauce is smooth and hot again but don't let it boil, about 5 more minutes. At this point, the sauce should be thick, delicious and ready to use.
  • It will keep in the frig for about a week but the taste and texture is best when it's made fresh. So if you don't need a big batch, cut this recipe in half.

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  1. Lavender Lynn
    The Realtor's Superb Alfredo Sauce Created by Lavender Lynn
  2. Lavender Lynn
    My DS is working on perfecting his alfredo sauce and this added a new dimension - cream cheese. So easy and delicious. We served this with thin slices of breaded chicken. Made for PRMR.
  3. Crafty Lady 13
    The Realtor's Superb Alfredo Sauce Created by Crafty Lady 13
  4. Crafty Lady 13
    Superb is right! Much, much better than the jarred alfredo sauce. I used Weight Watchers cream cheese, skim milk and 2 cups of freshly shredded parmesan cheese. Yum! I tossed the sauce with fettucine pasta and broccoli and topped it all off with grilled chicken seasoned with garlic and spicy chili blend. Served with a side salad and fresh Italian bread. I shared this scrumptious meal with my in-laws and everyone loved this tasty dish. Made for Best of 2010 Cookbooks Game.
  5. Hot Cooking Mama
    Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing! Could eat this every night!! :)



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