Terrific Tofu Tacos

"This recipe will please even the most stubborn tofu hater! You simply can't tell you're eating tofu. You can slip this in, unnoticed to your finicky family; tell them it's chicken, pork or beef; they'll never know the difference!"
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  • If you freeze the tofu first, then cook with at after thawed, it will have a meatier texture. After thawed, cut the tofu into a couple of pieces, similar in size. Place on paper towels, then top with paper towels, then put a heavy weight on top (a couple of phone books work well--put some plastic wrap between the tofu and the books or you'll have soggy books). Let sit for at least 30 minutes. The purpose of this step is to squish as much water out of it as possible, making it even more convicing as "meat". After you are satisfied that you've gotten as much of the water out as you can, slice the tofu into 1/4" cubes. Toss in a bowl with olive oil and the taco seasoning. Fry over medium heat until crispy.
  • While that's cooking, toss the cabbage (or lettuce if you have to), onion and cilantro in a bag or bowl or some other reservoir. Then heat the refried beans. And last but not least, in a separate skillet, fry the tortillas one by one, using a couple of tablespoons of the corn oil(or whichever type you prefer)each.
  • I layer the ingredients on the tortillas just like you would a taco. These are very filling and even big burly guys will find it hard to eat many more than 3!

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  1. Delicious... Absolutley no way of telling this is tofu.
  2. I absolutely loved this! I made a few changes depending on what I had. I used shredded lettuce, fried the onions with the tofu, skipped the refried beans and added diced tomato. It was so delicious I wanted more even though I was stuffed! Thanks for a great recipe--I love how tofu dishes don't give you that gross over-stuffed feeling like most meat dishes do.



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