Swiss Chard/Yellow Squash Raw Green Soup (Vitamix)

"I just got my new Vitamix today, and am so excited, I had to make some of the recipes. Since I have lots of Swiss Chard and Yellow squash in my garden, I wanted to use them, but couldn't find a recipe. The Zucchini Soup recipe in the cookbook, that came with my machine, looked good, but didn't quite fit the bill. So, as I am known to do, I started improvising. I can't eat white potatoes, but can eat yams or sweet potatoes, so I made a substitution there. The flavor was a bit bland, so I added the garlic, onion and fresh basil, from my garden. I'm trying to transition to the Raw Food Lifestyle, and didn't want to get the soup too hot, so only blended it four, instead of the six minutes recommended. It got plenty hot. Next time, I will put my candy thermometer in it, to check the temp, as it should stay less than 105F, to preserve enzymes, in the vegetables. A piece of toasted, sprouted multi-grain bread, rounded out the meal. It was very creamy, really quite good, and very satisfying. My husband isn't quite on board, with the Raw Lifestyle yet, so the jury is still out there. However, he did scarf it down, without complaints. When asked what he thought, he said, "Very interesting flavor". :D He did say, that he would eat it again, though. This is technically not RAW, because of the cooked yam. But unless you are 100% raw, this makes a nice healthy (nearly raw) meal. I suppose you could finely chop the yam (in the Vitamix), before adding the rest, of the ingredients, and it should cook with the rest, of the soup. However, I don't think the soup would be as nice and creamy that way."
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Ready In:
6 cups




  • Place ingredients in the Vitamix container, in the order listed, and secure lid.
  • Set to "1" on the variable dial, and turn the machine on.
  • Increase the speed to “10” and set to High.
  • Blend for 4 minutes, until the jar feels hot, to the touch.
  • Serve with a sprig of fresh Basil.
  • NOTE: This could also be prepared in a food processor, but would probably not get as hot, as it does in the Vitamix. Although, I have had foods turn warm, when processed for more than a few minutes.

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