Sweet-Potato Salad With Mustard Vinaigrette

"I was looking for something to do with a sweet potato...Here's what i found. Easy peasy...and good too!"
Sweet-Potato Salad With Mustard Vinaigrette created by judygarcia1219yahoo
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  • Peel potatoes and halve lengthwise. Cut lengthwise into 3/4-inch-thick wedges, then cut wedges crosswise into 1-inch pieces.
  • Steam potatoes in a steamer over boiling water in a large pot, covered, until just tender, 10 to 12 minutes or boil which ever you prefer.
  • While potatoes steam, whisk together mustard, vinegar, and salt in a large bowl, then add oil in a slow stream, whisking until emulsified.
  • Add hot potatoes to dressing and gently toss to combine well. Cool salad to room temperature, about 15 minutes.
  • Add scallions and salt to taste and gently toss.
  • Salad (without scallions) can be made 2 hours ahead. Toss in scallions just before serving.

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  1. judygarcia1219yahoo
    Sweet-Potato Salad With Mustard Vinaigrette Created by judygarcia1219yahoo
  2. DailyInspiration
    I love sweet potatoes and I am always looking for different ways to prepare them. I wasn't blown away by this recipe; however, it was tasty. I definitely would leave out the chives next time and maybe experiment with some spices that will work with the dijon. Thanks for posting this recipe.
  3. ctrmom
    Wow! I was surprised at how GOOD this was. It seems such a nice way to eat sweet potatoes in the warmer half of the year. (I boiled my potatoes the day before, and made and ate it cold.) My salad was very lightly dressed since I had more potatoes than called for (5 or 6 small ones). Also, I used only 2 largish scallions, red wine vinegar, and 3 T olive oil. It was sooo delicious. I think it would be the perfect side to a couple of slices of roast chicken. Thanks for sharing. I am sure I will make it often.
  4. Julie F
    I really liked this combination of sweet and savory flavors. I didn't add the scallions, but the potatoes were still delicious. I might try adding some minced herbs in place of the scallions, as to my preference. Maybe chives. I'll definitely make this again. It's an easy, unique side dish that would go with many different foods. Thanks for a great recipe!
  5. Sydney Mike
    Believe me there are lots of things one can do with sweet potatoes besides the usual mashed s-potato casserole or the candied yams, & this recipe is a great example of just that ~ THIS IS A GREAT TASTING SALAD, ABSOLUTELY! I like the potato skins so didn't peel them, & as long as they aren't steamed to death, they're fine! I used the apple cider vinegar & the dressing was a wonderful accompanyment to these potatoes! Many thanks for a great keeper! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup Game]



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