Super Healthy Spicy Oatmeal Custard All-Day Breakfast

Recipe by Ethan UK
READY IN: 18mins




  • Weigh oatmeal into a large microwaveable breakfast bowl and add vanilla flavouring, seeds, currants and spices to take your fancy - I chose a lot of ginger, some cardamom (not too much!), hint of clove (seriously cautiously!), all-spice. A nice combination as I am getting bored of cinnamon!
  • Add water.
  • In a separate very small bowl weigh in the wheat bran, wheat flakes and Splenda and mix it together well for a couple of seconds with a bone-dry teaspoon. Put aside.
  • Place oatmeal bowl into microwave and cook on full power for about 3 1/2 minutes keeping an eye on it to prevent it bubbling over after the first couple of minutes.
  • When just bubbled up to almost overflowing stop the microwave (quickly :) and remove from microwave and allow the porridge to drop back into bowl for a few seconds.
  • Pour on the wheat bran, flakes etc. and stir in well to mix and sweeten the oatmeal.
  • Break and separate the egg whites into the bowl (or if not feeling brave, separate them in a different bowl first then you can mix the 'custard' in that bowl (I guess that way you could even whisk it up like a meringue if you felt like it :) before pouring across the porridge - I didn't bother as I was making this up as I went along and it still turned out great!).
  • Add the milk, vanilla flavouring, Splenda, clove, nutmeg and ginger into the egg whites and gently stir together well for a few seconds.
  • Ideally, leave to cool for five minutes so that when cooking the custard the oatmeal doesn't burst through. (Have included this in the 'cooking' time.).
  • Put bowl back into the microwave and cook on medium power for a couple of minutes until it's rising up again. Stop Microwave and remove. It's ready for the topping.
  • Spoon on a couple of teaspoons of nice thick creamy plain yoghurt or cream in the middle only. Add a teaspoon of granulated sweetener directly onto the yoghurt and massage it well with the teaspoon into the yoghurt to mix it in well.
  • Sprinkle another teaspoon of sweetener across the top of the egg-white around the yoghurt.
  • Sprinkle some more ground ginger across it all if you like it (I like!) or other spices - to taste.
  • Dab the jam/jelly or fresh fruit in places across the top.
  • Of course --.
  • -- If you can resist the urge to demolish it - this would be wonderful served chilled with ice cream and fruits, especially if part or even all of the water were replaced with milk/cream, or some milk powder were added to the porridge prior to cooking.
  • This is SO yummy! and it really is terribly good for you.
  • Even if you use milk, sugar and even (well maybe :) cream for topping it would still be good for you and give you loads of energy and an excellent protein and amino-acids boost!
  • I was going to add some chunky-bits of peeled chopped-up apple (right at the start is best time to add apple if you do decide to, so it softens nicely) but I felt that would be just too much! Depends how hungry you feel :) - I often do that and it's nice but I wasn't that starving this morning!
  • If you can't eat it all in one hit - leftovers can be kept in the fridge and eaten completely chilled - not warm, chilled!