Spicy Chicken and Zucchini Risotto

Recipe by Bonjour Elle
READY IN: 20mins




  • Prepare chicken by dicing into approximately 1 inch cubes and slice zucchini into small cubes, roughly the same length as a grain of rice. Rusticness is the key here though so don't worry about the odd lump here and there.
  • Make up chicken stock with 1 pint boiling water.
  • Start by preparing the glaze for the chicken; mix together a pinch of salt, dash of ground pepper, the spices, 1 crushed garlic clove, honey, crushed ginger root and 1 tbsp olive oil and a twist of lime. Put to one side.
  • For the risotto, melt the butter in a large heavy pan over a medium to high flame. Add remaining crushed garlic clove and add rice. Coat the rice in the butter for approximately a minute and a half. keep stirring to prevent sticking.
  • Add a splash of white wine and stir for a further 15 or so seconds.
  • Add half the chicken stock and leave to simmer on a medium flame for 3 minutes. Just before adding remaining chicken stock, add diced zucchini. Leave covered for 5 minutes, then keep checking to see the moistness of the rice for a further few minutes, it should be sticky and creamy, if it gets dry, add a little water. The rice should not be totally soft when served, but "al dente.".
  • In a separate frying pan, add a little olive oil and leave to heat. Add chicken and bay leaf and cook for 30 seconds. Add glaze prepared earlier and fry until cooked all the way through.
  • Take off heat, stir chicken through and serve! Wonderful with a large glass of white wine.