Sleeping Bear

READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 1 Bear




  • On low heat pour one whisked egg into pan to create a thin omelette. Use cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  • Set Egg to the side.
  • In a mixing bowl combine 1.5 cups of warm rice with 2 tbsp of your favorite ketchup. Mix until.
  • the rice turns a light pink.
  • To create the pillow, wrap some of the pink rice in the thin omelette.
  • Use plastic wrap to mold the remaining rice into the shape of a teddy bear. You’ll want to create.
  • a square body, large round head, two small round ears, two oval arms and two slightly larger.
  • oval legs.
  • Lay the molded rice on the place next to the pillow creating the shape of the teddy bear.
  • Use a round cap to press into the white cheddar to create 4 little rounds and one large round.
  • Place two of the small rounds on the ear and one of the small rounds on the head for the nose.
  • Cut the remaining small round in half to lay over the two paws. Take the large round and place.
  • over the stomach.
  • Take the sheet of nori and place it onto a nori punch to create little rounds for the eyes and mouth.
  • of the bear. Place two small rounds for eyes and one small round for the nose. Use little slivers.
  • for the mouth.
  • Have fun with the different nori shapes to create your own expression for the little teddy bear!