Simple Brandy

Recipe by Kansas A
READY IN: 2160hrs 10mins
YIELD: 26 ounces




  • Enough fruit to somewhat fill a gallon jar, (cherries, apricots, crabapples, etc.).
  • Place fruit, any kind, into glass jar -- pits and all, just cut off the yucky parts.
  • Add sugar and vodka.
  • Set on your kitchen counter and flip it every day for three months. (If you put it away you'll forget about it!)
  • The first few days I place the jar into a bucket in case my lid leaks, that way I can pour it back in and go hunt for a new lid. I put a sticker on it indicating the date it will be ready and "Up on even" if I happen to start it on an even day, you wouldn't believe how many times I've thought to myself "did I turn the brandy today?")
  • In three months strain it through cheesecloth or a clean dishcloth or what have you, if you want it even clearer then strain it again through a paper coffee filter.
  • Bottle it and wowee it's delicious! I do up a nice label on my computer and bottle it into smaller than micky bottles to tuck into my Christmas baskets.