Recipe by Weewah
READY IN: 20mins
SERVES: 2-20
YIELD: 1-10 jars




  • Discard limp outer leaves of cabbage, or any that are marred or dirty.
  • Shred your cabbage using an old fashioned krout cutter, it gives an authentic long shred that is best for krout.
  • Pack plain cabbage into a pint or quart jar according to your preference. And by pack - I mean put some cabbage in the jar, then turn a wooden spoon, or a spatula or some such, upside down and cram that cabbage in as tightly as you can while filling the jar up.
  • When the cabbage is packed to the neck of the jar dump in 1 heaping teaspoons salt and 1 heaping teaspoons sugar for a QUART jar.
  • Use heaping 1/2 teaspoons salt and sugar for a PINT jar.
  • Fill the STERILE jar with boiling water to within 1" of the rim and quickly cap with a STERILE new seal and ring.
  • Turn upside down and let cool completely where air can move around the jar.
  • This krout is NOT SWEET. The sugar aids in fermentation.