Sarasota's Pork Baby Back Ribs

"Tender, falling apart, easy and just perfect. Nothing hard, nothing complicated and they are just good every time. Serve these with traditional BBQ food to me, mac and cheese, coleslaw, beans, corn on the cob etc. Anything you want. Bake unattended basically for 2+ hours and then a quick grill and they are done. How easy can you get. The overnight marinade gives them a great flavor."
Sarasota's Pork Baby Back Ribs created by Chicagoland Chef du
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  • Ribs and Rub -- The night before you plan to cook these, I mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and then RUB THE RIBS. Just rub them up, on both sides. Wrap in plastic wrap and put 2 ribs in each of the aluminum tins. Refrigerate over night.
  • Baking the Ribs -- The next day, In the same aluminum pans, just remove the saran wrap, cut each of the racks in half to make them easier to handle, and put the ribs in the pan. Add the beer (1 beer per pan), 1 tablespoon cider vinegar per pan, bay leaf (1 bay leaf per pan) and cover with foil.
  • Cook covered with foil for 2 1/2 hours at 350. Now I check at 2 hours because you don't want them falling apart before you grill them. I have had some take 2 hours -- so just after 1 1/2 hours, take a peek. You want a knife to go in easy but not falling apart. You should be able to pick up the half rack easily but they still should be very tender.
  • Grilling -- Remove from the oven and take to the grill. Place on a medium grill and grill one side for 3-4 minutes then flip. Then time to sauce up. Sauce each side and flip a couple of times and that is all you need. I like to put enough sauce on for flavor, but I also like my sauce to dry a bit so they are not they messy to eat. It you don't have a grill you can finish in the oven on high heat 450 for just a few minutes too. But the grill is what makes these.
  • I usually cut the ribs in two and serve family style. The meat falls off the bone and great flavor.
  • Sauce, everyone has their favorites -- I like my own bourbon sauce, but I won't get in a BBQ battle. Just use your favorite. There are way too many. I happen to love a spicy store bought then mixed with a little bourbon and some smoky chipotles for a great easy sauce.
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  1. K9 Owned
    Excellent ribs! The rub is almost identical to one I frequently use but I would not have thought of steaming/braising the ribs in beer. Very tender but not at all mushy. My favorite 'Bone Sucking Sauce' to finish them and we were happy campers. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
  2. Chicagoland Chef du
    Sarasota's Pork Baby Back Ribs Created by Chicagoland Chef du
  3. Chicagoland Chef du
    Sarasota's Pork Baby Back Ribs Created by Chicagoland Chef du
  4. WendyAllyn
    I tried this for the first time tonight following the recipe as stated except for the last step of slathering BBQ sauce on the ribs on the grill - the simple thought of leaving a messy grill along with the prospect of burnt ribs deterred me. I found it better for me to dip my ribs in the sauce after they were cooked, plus I got the benefit of the true flavor, which I must say was absolutely wonderful, not to mention the ribs were falling off the bone! This will be added to my favorites to be made over and over again! Thanks!
  5. MarkNS
    This looks to be a great recipe -- the tastes all seem wonderful together. However, we found the recipe a bit confusing... how long do you leave the ribs with rub, and when exactly do you put the beer etc in? Do you do that on night one, or right before you bake them?

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