Ribcage Baby Back Pork Ribs

"This way of cooking ribs is hands-down the best you will ever find. Unfortunately, ribs taste better with some fat flavouring (unfortunate for those dieting). By cooking them on the rotisserie, the fat rolls from one rib to the next, basting them, instead of falling onto the coals and being lost. This is my invention - I will give you a picture and you must figure out how to make it. It's called a ribcage. You take some fencing wire and make a coil about 11-inches in diameter and as long as your grill's back burner. Put some wire "twist-ties" to hold the coil in a circular shape. Then take your rotisserie spit and put it through the middle of the coil. Make a spider's nest of wires on each end of the coil to hold the coil centred over the spit. Tie your seasoned ribs to the rib cage with butcher string. I usually use 5 or 6 strings, depending on the length of the ribs - and usually get 4-5 ribs on the cage. I know this sounds strange - but try it - you will love it. Everyone I have for dinner are making ribcages. P.S. - Although I almost always cook from scratch, I acknowledge when a product is better than my best. Texas Beer-B-Que rub (available on-line) is better than any I've made. Regarding the sauce - there are 2 kinds of people, some like it wet and others, like me and my DH just prefer them dry, so skip the sauce application."
photo by twobees photo by twobees
photo by twobees
Ready In:
5hrs 30mins


  • 4 -5 pork baby back ribs
  • 16 -20 teaspoons dry rub seasonings
  • canned wood chips
  • barbecue sauce, of your choice for basting during last 30 minutes


  • Take the tough membrane off the back of the ribs, with a sharp knife and paper towel. (Use the knife to loosen a part of the membrane, over a small end bone and then grab the loosened portion of membrane with the paper towel and rip off the whole membrane).
  • Rub the ribs with a couple teaspoons of Texas-Beer-B-Que rub on each side of each rib.
  • Tie the ribs to your ribcage. Light your grill's bottom burners on high, and back burner on low, and burn off anything from your last use. Wire brush and remove half of the bottom grills and set aside. Add canned wood chips on the bottom coals and a thermometer on the remaining bottom grill. (For the wood chips - I recommend apple, oak, or hickory.). Close the lid and wait until the wood chis are smoking. Put the "rib cage" spit on the rotisserie of your grill. Half close the lid, I use a wrench as a spacer). Turn off the bottom burners, turn on the rotisserie motor. Try to regulate the temperature to about 230F, by adjusting the lid's opening, and the back burner's temperature (low to medium low). Let it spin for 4-5 hours, until the meat has shrunken away from the bone a bit and they are drop-dead tender and mouthwatering, then cut them free from the cage and enjoy.
  • If you are one of those "wet" rib eaters, you can sauce them on your plate or start basting them 30 minutes before removing from the grill, and every 10 minutes until ready.

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