Romanian Eggplant Spread (Salata De Vinate)

"This is the recipe for Salata de Vinate that I learned when I lived in Romania in the late 90's. It is DELICIOUS!!!! It is something I still get cravings for and is a nice change from its middle eastern cousins. To get the "real" flavor you must cook the eggplant on an open flame."
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  • Place eggplant over open flame (gas stove or grill).
  • Carefully turn to ensure all the skin on eggplants are completely charred. They will look black and be very limp and soft from end to end.
  • Immediately remove charred skin by placing them under cool running water. Pick off as many of the burnt bits as possible.
  • Place eggplant in a colander and sprinkle with 1-2 teaspoons of salt. Allow moisture to drain off for at least 10 minutes.
  • Place eggplant on a non-metal surface (wood is best) and chop with a WOOD (or plastic) chopping knife until it is pretty much pureed. In Romania every kitchen has a special wooden knife specifically for this purpose. I have used my hard plastic bread dough tool. DO NOT USE METAL it will react with the eggplant and give it a funky flavor.
  • Place into a NON-METAL bowl and blend in mayonnaise and onion with a non-metal utensil until you have a smooth mixture.
  • Serve on crusty bread with a slice of ripe tomato on top.

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  1. Hello Callu, I tried your recipe for Eggplant and the mayonnaise was the ingredient that I had a problem with! I make mine with olive oil and it was too heavy with the mayo for me. I love eggplant dishes but next time if I make it, it will be w/out the mayo, sorry! However, the way to roast eggplant is over an open flame. My grandparents were from Romania and their recipe is different - we add onion, green pepper, olive oil, salt & pepper. Thanks for sharing, Diane :)


I have lived all over the world and love spending time with grandma's in their kitchens. I now live in remote Alaska and love every minute of it. I am married with two outrageous little girls and I have a catering business on the side. I love to can food (and would love to see more canning recipes) In the summer we make all kinds of smoked and dried salmon. Winters we like to make assorted sausages and jerkys. If it can be pickled, brined brewed or smoked I am all ears!
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