Rich and Charlie's Salad

"This salad is from a popular Italian restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. It's very good!"
photo by Sally photo by Sally
photo by Sally
Ready In:




  • Mix all salad ingredients together.
  • Mix dressing together.
  • Toss and serve.

Questions & Replies

  1. A friend (we're in St. Louis) used to make this all the time in the 80s.. maybe she still does, but can't get hold of her. Someone said the type and brand of olive oil makes a big difference. Does anyone have recommendation for the olive oil?


  1. As a former regular at the original Rich and Charlie's, I'd like to suggest a correction. I agree that there's some sugar in the salad, but most importantly, the Parmesan cheese is not sprinkled over the salad, it is shaken right into the dressing. It makes a big difference.
  2. I have this recipe from one of the owners when I lived in St. Louis back in the 70's. The only difference then was the jar of artichokes was NOT to be drained. Throw it in juice and all.
  3. I lived in St. Louis for a long time (childhood plus) and still have family there. One thing I always want to eat when I am visiting is italian food, since I can't get anything really similar where I live now. I have learned a lot of ways to make things that take care of that craving! This salad is so close to what I can get there (at Rich and Charlie's). This salad has become a regular in my house, served with pasta, pizza, or toasted ravioli. I do add a bit of sugar to the dressing, I agree that this is better. I have used marinated or canned artichoke hearts, and both are good. Thank you for a recipe that gives me a taste of my old home! :)
  4. The dressing needs just a bit of sugar to ease the bite of the vinegar. Otherwise, a wonderful salad all around that I've enjoyed there & at home many, many times. Very yummy - thanks for poosting!
  5. AWESOME! We live in Missouri and I was so excited to find this recipe. This is the best salad with any kind of pasta... Thanks so much!!!



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