Rice Cooker Chicken Bog

"Chicken Bog is not only a staple in the south but also a tradition. Cooking it is a bit of an art - otherwise - you end up with sticky goey rice or a brown crust on the bottom of the pan. In my quest for perfect every time bog - I turned to my trusty rice cooker. This recipe yields never fail bog with perfect fluffy rice time after time!"
Rice Cooker Chicken Bog created by A Pinch of This ...
Ready In:
1hr 30mins



  • In a large pot over medium heat cook the bacon until it is crisp. Remove and set aside to cool. Crumble once cooled.
  • Add the butter to the bacon grease and brown the sasuage.
  • Add the onions and cook unitl they begin to brown.
  • Place the chicken thighs in the pot and add the chicken stock.
  • Add the crumbled bacon, season salt, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper and cayenne if you are using it.
  • Bring the pot to a boil and then put on low heat to cook the chicken, about 30-40 minutes.
  • Cut off the heat and remove the chicken thighs. Let them cool, discard the skins and pick the meat off the bones. Return the chicken meat to the pot.
  • Place the 3 cups of rice in your rice cooker and dump in the entire contents of the pot.
  • Push the "cook" button on your rice cooker - at the end of the cycle you will have perfect chicken bog!
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  1. Ellowyn B.
    It's amazing, filling, and uses surprisingly few ingredients. Frozen veg can be added before pouring it into the rice maker or stirred in just before serving. I've bee halving the recipe because otherwise there's just too much food.
  2. brandi e.
    Alright... born & raised in Charleston (and still here) so I'm kind of a Chicken Bog expert. Looks about the same as most other recipes. Doing yours tonight :)
  3. Joanne A.
    What size rice pot do I need for this recipe?
  4. Joanne A.
    What size rice pot do I need to make the recipe that needs 6 cups of stock
  5. A Pinch of This ...
    I grew up in the Low Country area of SC and have loved chicken bog all of my life. It is a great honor to be 'known' for your chicken bog. My Grandmother's was always the first to go at family reunions and church potlucks. And my mother's was also pretty awesome. Mine has always been good but not great. Until I found this recipe and method of cooking it. This is the best chicken bog I've ever made and one of the best I've ever eaten. I can't wait to make this for them. I may even let them take some of the credit for teaching me so well but I'll know where the credit is due. I followed the recipe closely except I only had 1 pound of sausage and my Lawry's Seasoning Salt had black pepper in it so I didn't add any additional. I also did not use the cayenne. VTodd this bog rocks and if you have any more recipes using a rice cooker, please post them. I wish I could give it 10 stars.

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