Rib Eye Roast

"“The” way to prepare a tasty (and expensive) ribeye roast -- from my mom's aunt. Works for her and works for me on the rare treat that we buy a ribeye roast. The roasts I use are usually 4-6 lbs, but here's an instance where size doesn't matter. I love this recipe because I can prepare it with great ease and convenience, all the while making the best tasting roast ever. For a dinner party, I may start the roast at 2 pm, then with all my extra time put effort into other dishes -- like twice-baked potatoes, salad, and dessert. I have a double oven, so I can prepare my other sides without the forbidden opening of the oven door. If you went to the great expense to buy a ribeye roast, make your roast this way. No butter -- no flour -- no garlic -- certainly no basting. Just follow the simple instructions. I think it's best at medium-rare -- that's pink in the middle but warm. You may use a meat thermometer if you like, but I've never needed to when following the instructions. If you have the "convection" setting on your oven, don't use it. Just use the conventional setting. If you must use the convection setting, you'll need to use a meat thermometer or adjust cooking times as convection will cook the meat faster. I learned the hard way -- conventional oven does a perfect job using the following instructions while convection will make it more medium-done."
photo by philliptizzard photo by philliptizzard
photo by philliptizzard
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Ready In:
1 awesome roast




  • Set ribeye roast at room temperature for 1 hour.
  • Season with salt & pepper.
  • Preheat oven to 375 deg F.
  • Fat-side up, place meat on rack in shallow roasting pan. Do not cover. Do not add water.
  • Cook for one hour.
  • Turn heat off. Let the meat just rest in the oven. (Do NOT open oven until you are ready to eat regardless of roast size or time in oven.).
  • Reheat oven to 375 & cook again for 30-40 minutes. Do not open the oven door until you are ready to serve.
  • If not done to your liking, repeat step 7.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Jennifer S.
    Do we leave roast tied up throughout cooking process?
  2. leedybrad
    Do you leave the roast in the oven while preheating for second cook and then cook for 40 more minutes at 3:25 or 375
  3. Laura G.
    How long does it rest after you shut off the heat in between roastings?
  4. drewsnonna4101_1143
    Do I need to tie my roast.
  5. alvarez.robert500
    How long do you cook a 10 pound ribeye roast?


  1. laurenpie
    Roast turned out perfect, 3 years in a row. We love it! Followed recipe exactly. For a 4.5 lb standing rib roast, we go with 30 minutes on the second cook cycle.
  2. danm400
    I did this yesterday, (Christmas Day), and it turned out fantastic! The Choice Rib Roast weighed 9.19 Lbs. I see a lot of unanswered questions from others, I will try to share what worked for me. Will also upload a photo when I get a chance. I did not have a meat thermometer. And was working with an electric oven, so I was nervous! Took the roast out of the fridge about an hour before. Left it tied, put it in a oval shaped turkey roasting pan. Fat side up, ribs down. I only used salt & pepper to season it, (I think garlic can be risky, with a large group that included a few kids, many of them don't like it). And this cut of beef has such a rich flavor, you honestly would be covering it up with any other seasonings. Key point here: I used a low-cost peppercorn grinder, and a Himalayan pink salt grinder that also was inexpensive, you can get both at your grocer or even Walmart. It made a huge difference, because both grinders put a heavier, coarser coating of salt & pepper on it, I think it was way better than the regular table salt & pepper I've used before. And go heavier than you think you should, because that fatty layer will melt away, basting the meat and washing the salt & pepper down with it as it goes. The extra ends up in the pan juices, and makes your Aus Jus perfect. Yes, you leave the roast in the oven when you turn it back on to reheat. We had a time crunch, so I did the 1 hour at 375*, then oven off, I only went with a 30 minute rest, then back on to 375* for just 30 minutes. Immediately put the cover on the pan, removed it, (someone else needed the oven). Kept the pan wrapped in a large towel on the counter to keep it warm, and we ate an hour later. I was nervous as I began to carve it, but it came out perfect, nice bright pink in the middle, the ends were medium, overall it was maybe a touch toward medium/rare, there was no really red, raw cold meat in the center, (which is fine by me). I think it continued to cook while it sat, (wasn't the plan, but people were socializing and having drinks, lots of appetizers, so nobody was hungry yet). I DO think if you have a smaller roast, (especially under 5 Lbs), I would shorten the initial cook to 45 min, then go 30 min off/rest, then maybe back on for 20-30 and pull it out, rest it for 15 on the counter (uncovered) and carve it. (Or go the full hour, but shorten the rest time and 2nd cook time to 20 min each). The juice in the pan made for a perfect Au Jus, did not need to add anything to it. Everyone loved it!
  3. Mark T.
    This is just crazy. Who ever heard of killing the heat and just let the thing sit in the oven? But I did it...witha 15lb ribeye roast. After the 1 hr, I let it sit in the "cooling down" oven for 45 min. Then turned the oven back on to 375 and cooked for another 30. Then shut the oven off. I did not open (not even a crack. you know how hard that was to do?) the oven door till I took it out to cut it. Amazing !!!!
    • Review photo by Mark T.
  4. lesliedsmith00
    Restaurant quality. I'm a big prime rib fan so I've had the best and the worst. This turned out awesome. I thought (after reading reviews) they had to have been written by friends and family of the site. No way would so many words of enthusiasm have been used in only 13 reviews. I was wrong. This recipe is easy and delicious. They nailed it wth this one. Thanks for posting.
  5. Paul P.
    The ultimate recipe! So simple! It turned out perfect & stories will be told for generations to come! I make a marinade of blended green bell peppers, white onions, cilantro and garlic and lightly glaze it all over the roast. I leave it over night and before putting it in the oven I do a dry rub it with seasoned salt! Secret Tip: Sit it on top of baby potatoes, whole carrots and brussel sprouts (if you like them). You'll be amazed! ?


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