Rabbit Stew

"When we used to live in the boondocks of Michigan, my dad was a hunter and oh, did he hunt. Let's just say all that all that meat had to be eaten, and eaten by a very picky little girl. This was nearly the only dish made with his hunted goods that I would eat, so it's pretty good."
photo by catercow photo by catercow
photo by catercow
Ready In:
8hrs 45mins




  • Cut rabbit into pieces. Layer onion, potatoes, and carrots in bottom of a crock pot.
  • Add spices to the pot.
  • Add rabbit, salt, pepper, consommé, and about 3/4 cup beef broth.
  • Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Thicken gravy as desired.

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  1. DELICIOUS!!! The perfect fall or winter supper. And don"t forget the biscuits to go with it to "sop up the gravy" left on the plate.
  2. I had to tweak to my satisfaction, but it was great. My first rabbit.
  3. Perfect balance. So many cooks forget the Bay leaves, which are very important. Only thing I would do different is to saute the onions and brown the rabbit prior to putting them in the crock pot. This will elevate the flavors.


  1. The rabbit: for lack of explicit instruction, I carved the four limbs and two loins off as single chunks for the stew. I put the remaining carcass in water with bay leaves and boquet garni for a stock, which I reduced and added to the stew at the end. Regarding soup consistency: I wanted something "stewy", not watery: when cooking was finished, I removed a couple of chunky cups of the stew, pureed in blender, re-added. I also added a light broth-flour roux. For taste: I added a generous splash of red wine and a squirt of lemon juice


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