Quinoa Egg Veggie Stir Fry for One

READY IN: 20mins
YIELD: 1 dish


  • 1
  • 2
    egg whites
  • 12
    cup vegetables (chopped, pick and choose your favorites from broccoli, red or orange bell peppers, tomatoes and aspa)
  • 1
    cup spinach leaves
  • 14
    cup low-fat cheese (low fat shredded)
  • 12
    cup quinoa (cooked)
  • 14
    cup edamame (optional, can buy frozen) (optional)


  • Boil water and add quinoa (see directions on package for exact amounts of each) and cook for about 15 minutes on low/medium with the lid on or until the quinoa has absorbed all the water.
  • Crack the egg and egg white into bowl, mix and add a little water.
  • Heat pan around medium and grease with “Pam” spray or olive oil and add minced garlic.
  • Put in spinach leaves and heat until almost “wilted”. Add the frozen soy peas and after a few minutes add the chopped vegetables and heat until they become tender and soften up.
  • Add the beaten eggs, cooked quinoa and cheese and mix together until egg is fully cooked.
  • Top with salsa, fresh sliced tomatoes or organic ketchup.