Pistachio Pesto

"This is a slight change from the original pesto. Lemon zest keeps it lively. Pistachio's keeps it a little cheaper then pine nuts. If you don't like cilantro use all basil. I myself love cilantro. Serve over hot pasta, dollop of pesto in vegetable or chicken soup, use pesto instead of your favorite spread on your sandwich, top a pizza with it and spread some on salmon or chicken then bake."
photo by totalnoms photo by totalnoms
photo by totalnoms
photo by Stephanie G. photo by Stephanie G.
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photo by Rita1652 photo by Rita1652
Ready In:




  • Put all of the ingredients in the food processor or blender and puree until smooth.
  • Start with 1/4 cup oil adding more if you need.

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  1. Oh Rita, I had no idea this combination could be so good! I used some on paninis and froze the rest into a mini muffin tray resulting in the photo I submitted. Excellent flavor and a great variation on the usual pesto. Thanks!
  2. One of the best pestos I have ever made, I really recommend this! I used all basil and also added a little lemon juice for that tiny extra kick for our tastes. The pistachios were wonderful once I forcibly explained to my husband that he wasn't allowed to eat them out of my measuring cup! Really delicious, I think I like this even better than the traditional pesto - thanks Rita!
  3. I found this recipe as I had pistachios on hand but not pine nuts, and I know you can alter nuts. Pesto can be also made with many edible leaves... I used 1 1/3 c fennel fronds and 2/3 c basil. Added a splash of lemon juice as I ran out of zest and it needed a tad more. If your fronds get a bit dry (they do easily after picked), add a splash of water as you'll need too much oil otherwise. They're a bit more peppery/spicy, but awesome with the lemon and pistachios!
    • Review photo by Stephanie G.
  4. Crazy good. We could not stop eating it. Double the recipe if you can.
  5. This is spectacular! Our son is allergic to pine nuts and walnuts but not pistachios. He has never tasted pesto! When I thought of this recipe, husband said, google it! This is the one I used and everyone loves it. Funny thing is, no one notices that there is anything different. I added lemon juice as well and cilantro paste from a tube. I'll be putting it on toasted naan bread for a pizza as well as using on salmon and pasta. Thanks, Food.com!


  1. I used 1 1/3c fennel fronds and 2/3c basil plus a splash of extra lemon juice. They're a bit more peppery/spicy, but awesome with the lemon and pistachios!
  2. For newbies a note- olive oil should be drizzled in slowly after other ingredienrs
  3. I have a bumper crop of mint, so substituted the basil for mint (I cut the quantity down) and left out the cilantro. Yummy, yummy...served over orecchiette (hot or cold).



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