PawPaw's One-Hour Lonesome Dove Stew

Recipe by PawPaw
READY IN: 1hr 15mins




  • Here's what to do to git fixin'.
  • Chop the onion.
  • Brown ground chuck and chopped onion together over medium heat.
  • Stir a few times while browning.
  • This browning is gonna take about 15 minutes.
  • While the chuck and onion are browning, drain the potatoes and cut 'em up into chunky pieces (not too small).
  • Also, drain the kidney beans.
  • Just set these taters and beans aside and wait, you'll need 'em shortly.
  • Also, go ahead and open (But DO NOT drain) the corn and the can of tomatoes with chilies to have 'em ready.
  • When chuck and onion have browned, drain 'em real good into a big ol' strainer, then return 'em to the pan and set it back on the stove.
  • Add brown sugar, dash salt, dash pepper, and couple o' dashes of Worcestershire sauce.
  • Stir 'em up gently!
  • Add drained beans, cut-up potatoes, cream corn, undrained tomatoes w/chilies, and light sour cream.
  • Stir 'em up gently!
  • Let all this cook in uncovered pan or stew pot over medium heat just until it comes to a low boil, then turn the fire down to low.
  • Let everything simmer over the low fire until juices become good and thick (kinda' gravy like).
  • You'll need to gently stir the stew occasionally.
  • It's ready to eat when the juices get good and thick.
  • All this ain't gonna take but 1 hour from the gitgo.
  • Serve up in bowls (I suggest puttin' some grated "Mexican cheese" and chopped jalapeno peppers on the table and use 'em fer toppin's) While this stew is a rib-stickin' meal in itself, feel free to eat it along with a green salad and cornbread.
  • Refrigerate or freeze leftovers and enjoy 'em again sometimes.
  • Thank the Good Lord, and chow down, pardners!