Pakistani Coffee With Cinnamon & Cardamom

Recipe by Sharon123
READY IN: 20mins
YIELD: 4-6




  • Crack open a few cardamom pods and toss them in a large pot, along with dark roast coffee, a cinnamon stick, milk, and some water. You can add the sugar now, or you can let your guests add their own.
  • Simmer for ten minutes. Ladle the liquid as it bubbles and bobs, pouring from up high to aerate the coffee mixture. Do this about twenty times.
  • Actually do it about a hundred and twelve times. Each time the mixture will get a little frothier. It’s a great thing to do when you have a problem to work out. Someone to think about. However many times you decide to do it, enjoy the process.
  • Strain the milky mixture and transfer to a coffee pot.
  • Pour into cups and serve with a cinnamon stick.