Pa Dutch Sauerkraut Dumplings

"Light Fluffy dumpling that looks like a snow ball. Those southern thingies are pot pie noodles any good Dutchman could tell you that. This can be used for Sauerkraut dishes such as pork or hot dogs and sauerkraut or in our version of Chicken and dumplings, Ham and dumplings, Beef and.. you get the picture.. any meat stew."
photo by Linajjac photo by Linajjac
photo by Linajjac
photo by Linajjac photo by Linajjac
Ready In:




  • Make into a paste. Drop into boiling kraut.
  • If your rise is not pleasing, put in more baking powder.
  • I have seen recipes up to a tbsp of baking powder.
  • Once it is the right consistency to drop and you do, close the pan and do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT look at the dumplings until done.
  • About 12 minutes.

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  1. I love finding gems like this! I simmered sliced brats in beer, & onions, then followed the recipe. Thanks!
  2. They are delicious! I grew up with them being a monthly menu item. They are called "knepp" in southeastern PA.... I never had them with schnitz but love them floating on a kettle of sauerkraut!


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