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  • HEAT 1/3 cup corn oil in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat; CHOP 1 medium onion together with 4 cloves of garlic in a food processor; SAUTE the onion and garlic mixture in the corn oil until translucent and golden, and almost caramelized.
  • ADD 1/3 cup flour to the saute mixture; STIR the mixture as it cooks, until it is deep golden in color (mixture will be paste-like).
  • PLACE into the large bowl of a food processor enough fresh ripe Roma tomatoes to yield approximately 1 1/2 cups pureed, and one stem-removed seeded fresh jalapeno pepper; PROCESS both until pulverized.
  • TRANSFER the sauteed onion and garlic roux from the saucepan into the bowl of the food processor with the tomatoes and jalapeno, submerging the into the pulverized mixture first.
  • PROCESS until all ingredients until finely pureed.
  • POUR pureed mixture into the same medium saucepan.
  • STIR in 5 cups water, 2 teaspoons salt, 1 1/2 teaspoons crushed Mexican oregano (crush between fingers) 1/4 teaspoon finely ground black pepper, and 1 small bay leaf.
  • BRING mixture to boiling while whisking; REDUCE heat to medium and cook for about 45 minutes, whisking occasionally, or until desired consistency is reached; COVER slightly vented so steam can escape; KEEP sauce warm over lowest heat, whisking occasionally until served, or reheat and stir before serving.
  • POUR a small pool of warmed sauce onto chile relleno serving plate; PLACE chile relleno over sauce; TOP chile relleno with additional sauce; GARNISH as desired; SERVE.
  • SNAP your fingers and shout,"OLE!".

Questions & Replies

  1. Did anyone use less water or more flour? It's not thickening an hour later
  2. I tried the 5 cup water recipe. I aborted the cook after 1 1/2 hours. It was just stained water. Was there a typo with 5 cups of water?
  3. I have not tried cinnamon in a red sauce before. Sounds awful but should I just go with it?


  1. This recipes spells everything out, it's easy to follow and when I served it everyone thought I was a magician. It made the presentation of the World's Greatest Chile Relleno beautiful and the flavors were wonderful. If you haven't ever tried making your own sauce this is the sauce to start with. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.
  2. I loved this sauce. It's perfect for rellenos, but would also be delicious on huevos rancheros. I made impromptu, simple stacked enchiladas by layering cheese and this sauce on corn tortillas and heating in the microwave. Delicious. It's kind of addictive. It would also be a good baking sauce for chicken. I'm glad I found this after looking at other recipes that sounded too plain and bland. Love it!
  3. At first it looks like a lot of work but it isn't, especially if you have a food processor or blender. It also looks like you're making a lot of sauce but it gets thicker & smoother as it boils down. It made enough for 8 chile rellenos and we loved it. This recipe will now take the place of the one I lost. Glad I found it because this is a keeper. You can make it spicier by adding 2 jalapenos instead of 1.
  4. I have made this a few times and with a few modifications we love it! I use canned petite diced tomatoes, with about 2 tsp of tomato paste. I cannot get decent tomatoes here. I blend everything in my pot with an immersion blender. I only use 4 cups of water, and still have to cook for at least an hour. Also the first time made it I used salt as written, but now I use knorr chicken bouillon powder in place of the salt. This sauce is fantastic, and freezes very well! Thanks!
  5. I've tried a few different recipes for Chile Relleno broth that were just OK. This one is EXCELLENT! I added a few extra cloves of garlic, didn't need all 5 cups of water & peeled my tomatoes prior to blending.


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