Old Time Waldorf Salad

"The old fashioned Waldorf salad has very few ingredients. This is the old timey way to fix it."
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  • As soon as apples are diced, mix the mayonnaise into the apples so they will not turn brown.
  • Add celery and nuts; combine well.

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  1. A simple recipe without some of the frills you sometimes find in a Waldorf salad -- but really delicious. I like this version better than any I've had. The proportions of ingredients are just right.
  2. This is exactly how my grandmother made waldorf salad...if she could afford it she would also add grapes...this is comfort food with lovely memories of my grandmothers kitchen. Thanks so much for posting this recipe!
  3. I read many different recipes and settled on this one because of its simplicity. I was skeptical that such a basic list of ingredients could work, but I figured if the flavor wasn't right I could always adjust and add the other (some questionable!) items that many of the other recipes suggested (mini marshmallows...pineapple...banana...yogurt...dried fruit...sugar...splenda...etc.). I was amazed at how simple, perfect, fresh, and tasty this recipe came out. I did use 1Tb lemon juice on my diced apple to keep it from browning as I wasn't sure mayo would do the trick on its own. And since I do like sweetness, but didn't want to add sugar or artificial sweetener, I did add 1 cup grapes, halved. Bottom line: If you are looking for a very easy, very delicious, simple and traditional Waldorf salad, this is it!
  4. YUM-A-Liscious! Made with organic apples and celery. I have not had this in years. It is such a good fall salad. I added about a tsp of lemon juice just for the zing! Thanks so much for posting this and reminding us of simple goodness!
  5. This is a delightful salad with a wonderful combination of flavours. I think the key to this salad is simply to use the freshest possible ingredients, (preferably organic) and it will turn out fabulous and far superior to any other Waldorf versions with dressings and spices and what have you.


  1. I used this as a base recipe. I added some vanilla lite yogurt and a dash of lemon juice to the mayo. I used pecans instead of walnuts. I also added grapes, marshmallows, and dried cranberries to it. Turned out very tasty,


I would like to let you all know that I am no longer able to review your recipes that I have tried. since they changed the site around webtv does not supprt zaars new site.I have a webtv not a computer and webtv does not support the new recipezaar site. so I will no longer be able to review your great recipes,nor will I be able to put my own recipes on here.Please don't think I wouldn't like to review your recipes,it was one of the nice parts of zaar that I did enjoy doing. So please forgive!!! I am Married to the same guy for 40 years,I Have 2 beautiful Daughters, who have given me 6 grand and glorious grandchildren. I love to cook,in fact you could call it my favorite hobby My pet peeve is telemarketers,Every time I get busy with my recipe hobby one of them will call and knock me off the web,and of coarse I waste precious time getting back on.I am disabled,so I no longer work,and have plenty of time to pursue my hobby. My best dish I make is Lasagna but thats just because I love lasagna.I am also asked to bring No-Bake cookies at all of our potlucks, and linger-longers at church.Meat loaf is another often requested dish I am asked to bring...... NOT MY meatloaf but .... My husbands. He is as good a cook as I am,He can cook anything I can cook, and I can cook anything he can cook,but some things I make better,and some He makes better...So we do a lot of compromising at our house.
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