Oeufs Quebecois (Eggs Quebec)

"I want to save this recipe (I haven't made it). It's like Eggs Benedict, but with spinach. This is ideal to serve to guests for breakfast or brunch. The spinach can be made the day before, and heated again in the oven. Even the poached eggs can be made ahead, put in cold water, and heated up again in boiling water. Even the hollandaise sauce can stand waiting a little -- not all components have to made at the same time. A bit of a production, but in fact impressive and easy to put together with a little planning. Time to make these is a wild guess."
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Ready In:


  • Hollandaise sauce

  • 2 egg yolks, largest size
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice (can use up to 2 tablespoons, to taste)
  • 4 12 ounces butter
  • 18 th teaspoon salt (or to taste)
  • Rest of recipe

  • 9 ounces spinach, young leaves (250 g)
  • 1 tablespoon butter (or more, if needed)
  • 6 eggs, large (use very fresh eggs as they poach best)
  • 3 muffins, English (the flat muffin)
  • 5 12 ounces salmon, cold-smoked (160 g)


  • The hollandaise sauce: beat the egg yolks and lemon juice lightly and add salt. You can add a pinch of white pepper too.
  • Melt the 4 1/2 ounces butter until it just starts to foam. Keep whisking the egg yolks and pour in the hot butter in a thin, steady stream. Whisk or beat all the time, until you have a thick, smooth sauce. Keep warm in a bowl over hot water, but the bottom of the bowl should not touch the water.
  • Melt the butter in a pot, then add the spinach and cook until completely wilted. Put in a sieve over a bowl, and press out all the liquid when cool enough. Keep warm. (Or make ahead, cover and put in fridge. Reheat when needed).
  • Poach the eggs carefully and lightly until the whites are just cooked -- especially if you are going to keep them in cold water and reheat them again. It's easy to overcook such eggs. If serving soon, drain on kitchen paper and keep warm,.
  • Halve the English muffins and toast.
  • Butter the hot muffins, put some warmed spinach on each muffin half and put the same amount of nicely folded salmon on each. Put a hot poached egg on top of the salmon, then pour some hollandaise over each helping, and serve.

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I'm a widow, retired, and I love cooking. I live on the coast in South Africa and I love seafood. You're welcome to my recipes (all kinds, definitely not just seafood!) Just remember that no recipe is ever cast in stone -- adjust to your taste! The photo was taken at a rustic seaside restaurant on our West Coast, approx 1 year ago (2016).
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