Newbridge Style Steak Tips

"As weird as the marinade sounds it is soooooo good. You don't taste any one ingredient over the over. This recipe is a copy cat of a restaurant in Massachusetts that serves these. Preparation times does not include marinating overnight."
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Ready In:
5 Pounds Steak Tips


  • 5 lbs beef tips
  • marinade

  • 8 ounces Italian dressing
  • 8 ounces cranberry juice
  • 6 ounces Coca-Cola
  • 10 ounces ketchup


  • Mix all marinade ingredients well then add steak tips.
  • Marinade overnight.
  • Make sure to take meat out off the refrigerator at least an hour before grilling to bring them to room temperature.
  • Grill as desired.

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  1. This recipe was given to me by someone who had a relative that worked at the New Bridge Café. A lot of people think there is ketchup in the marinade, but it is actually chili sauce. The marinade ingredients must be in equal parts, and you must use regular Coca-Cola, not diet. The sugar in the soda helps tenderize the meat, and also adds flavor. <br/><br/> Ingredients: <br/><br/> 12 ounce bottle Wishbone Italian dressing <br/> 12 ounce bottle Coca-Cola<br/> 12 ounce bottle Heinz chili sauce<br/> 1 1/2 Cups cranberry juice <br/> 5 pounds beef tips<br/><br/> Directions: <br/><br/> Mix all marinade ingredients and place in a large zip lock bag with steak tips. Place in refrigerator and marinate for 8 hours or overnight. <br/><br/> Take meat out off the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking, to reach room temperature. <br/><br/> Grill, broil or bake to desired doneness.
  2. Thanks for putting this here. I have been looking for this information for years, as I don't get back to Boston very often to get the taste buds filled with this treat from the NewBridge Cafe. I found that your recipe was close to the original taste, but I remember the tips as being sweeter and thicker sauced. I added a 2 ounces of Honey to make it sweeter, but I am still stuck on the thicker part. Thanks again for this info!


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