Mushroom Kebabs for the Grill

Recipe by Zurie
READY IN: 15mins




  • In my photographs you might see something green skewered between the mushrooms. This is called "Vietnamese Coriander", which was new to me, so I bought it to taste. I put some folded leaves between die mushrooms,, and it was a delightful herby taste! But it's entirely optional. The photos were taken before they were grilled, as it was impossible afterwards: DH put them in a dish with the meat, and it was already dark.
  • You need 4 - 6 bamboo skewers. Keep in mind that grilled mushrooms shrink a bit, but not as much as in a pan, because they don't go as soft. Do pack the skewers generously.
  • Clean mushrooms if necessary. Use as many types as you can get. (I have not tried reconstituting dried mushrooms, but I suppose it can work).
  • In a bowl, whisk everything in a bowl: from the olive oil down to the sea salt flakes.
  • Thread the various mushrooms on the skewers. If large, like oyster mushrooms, simply cut them into smaller bits.
  • Put the mushroom skewers into a suitable container, and drizzle over the marinade/dressing.
  • Leave at room temperature until needed, and turn at least once in the next hour.
  • Grill with the meats on the grid, drizzling over the leftover marinade. Don't worry if the oil in the marinade makes the flames flare up: it adds to the taste! Enjoy -- it's super!